Friday, November 03, 2006

It's been a year, give or take ...

... since we lost Gizmo.I had honestly never had a cat like him. He had spirit and energy in spades. I also never had a sixth sense about a cat before; and the one thing I knew: we wouldn't have Gizmo for long. I tried to dismiss it because I didn't want it to become a self-fulfilling prophecy but, in the end, I was right. He was only nine months old. But in that nine months, he packed all the living that he could.
And now, funnily enough, all three cats we got since Gizmo, all have some of his traits. Leo has his smoochiness, even a similar style of getting close to your head for a good purr 'n' munch. Merlin has his ridiculously long tail and his trait of reaching up to your hand for a pat. And Piper ... Piper has some of Gizmo's fearlessness.
Gizmo may be gone, but he'll never be forgotten.
The pix have come out in the wrong order: Gizmo is the black cat in the plastic bag, Piper is 'reading' my blog, Leo is the fluff-monster and Merlin is the grey tabby.


Blogger Kip said...

I love that pick of your cat hiding in the plastic bag! You must get some giggles out of all of them!

9:59 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awww *hugs* I know just how you feel, it'll be 8 months that we lost our Shai. BIG hugs and purrs from Simba, Star, Smudgers (who shares a plastic bag obsession with Gizmo) and Dante.

6:32 am  
Blogger Rowyn said...

They're all such gorgeous cats!

I was saddened to read about Gizmo. :-( It's so hard when they go. If only their life spans were more in tune with our own.

8:24 pm  

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