Monday, October 23, 2006

If you build it ...

... it occurs to me that half-assedly blogging once a week probably isn't enough if I want to get past the notion that I"m talking to myself on this interweb thingy. Of course, I realise I'm not the only one. But, you know, it's all about me.
Work is FINALLY going to advertise the job that I'm going to apply for _ it's a promotion and the guy who held the job last left in ... July? August? Nothing like taking their time! The timing is off because of the baby and all but because I'm the main family wage earner, I can't really afford to take more than probably a couple of months off and I certainly can't afford to take what the laughingly call ''parental leave'' _ as far as I can tell I'd either get nothing, or a pittance for 14 weeks that wouldn't even cover our rent.
On the good side of that, we both work completely different hours, so Iggy (so named after Iggy Pop because he has a song called The Passenger apparently) will always have one of us home with him/her.
So I'm still going to apply for the job and you know, just see what happens.
Had a very quiet weekend, visited mother and a friend of mine Saturday, then I worked last night (ah ... the joy of working for a daily newspaper) but I"m not complaining _ I've splashed out and treated myself to a long weekend, so I have from Thursday to Monday off. Woo hoo!
Apart from the scan, I'm planning on doing lots of nothing. And then more lots of nothing. And for a change, you guessed it! Nothing!
I'm quietly plugging away at one of my 10 projects and I've managed to resist the Call of the New; I haven't even bought any new magazines lately. Either I'm missing the ones that I really like (Cross Stitch Gold and Cross Stitch Collection) or they're a little slow in getting here. It's getting to the time of year when postal services are busier than usual, so that's entirely possible.
Time for a visit to the bookstore though ...


Blogger Little Grey Cat said...

ooh you're going for your scan! I'm sure everything will be fine and you'll just be so lost for words when you see your little one on the screen! Something I will never forget that's for sure :o)

1:17 pm  

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