Sunday, April 08, 2007


That's how I feel most of the time at the moment. Huh? Also I keep forgetting words. Just normal, everyday words. I'd better get my brain back from this baby!

Anyway. Ten more days of work to go; it sounds a lot better than saying two weeks! So I'm just hoping I can get through it _ and in one piece. It doesn't help that the air conditioners were switched off week before last because of some kind of work they were doing outside. Our building is only three stories, but we work on the top floor so the heat just sort of ... settles. AND most of the windows don't open. *Sigh*. I nearly went home on Friday night, it was so bad, but a walk in the fresh air at break time and kicking off my shoes helped a bit.

Yesterday we had a big family/Easter lunch-type thing, with my WHOLE family. Which meant noise noise noise noise noise. But we don't all get together very often; maybe twice a year and its always nice to see the nieces and nephews :)

I have strict instructions from family members about the baby:
My brother T and his family will be in Oz and get back on the 8th. He expects me to be in two pieces by then (youch!) _ baby is due on the 6th

My sister B is going to be in Christchurch when he's due, and wants me to wait until they get back, which I think is around the 8th
Oh, and I can't have him on a Tuesday night, because that's my mother's bridge night and she won't be home until late ... *facepalm*
And for myself, I can't have him on the 6th, because that's my midwife's weekend off; there's only two of them in the practice at the moment and they alternate weekends.
Poor baby ... so small, yet with so many expectations already!
Well, when he comes will be up to him. I don't really care, as long as he's healthy and has all the required digits. :)

I've been stitching a bit, mostly on the Iris for my friend's wedding _ now that the weather has FINALLY cooled down, it's not too bad to work on the black. Reading a bit, too; I'm trying (still) to ge through some review books for work. And I've started having what am I going to do when I'm off before I have the baby???? I get bored being home two days in a row. Never mind the possibility of up to a month! Ooooh, poor J!

We've started talking about packing a bag for the hospital; and I've got as far as a change of clothes (for me), a nightgown, nursing pads and maternity pads (ick), clothes (and nappies? do we need to take nappies?) for baby; digital camera, ipod for distraction, a book and maybe a project ... after that, I turn back into stupid.

Oh, and we need to arrange for someone to feed the cats, depending on how long I'm in, so poor J isn't running to and fro too much.

Oy! Roll on April 19!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Maree

We did have to take nappies for when Riley was born. Our hospital didn't provide them, or towels or remember to pack one for yourself and one for baby if you're going to bath him before you leave. I was in for 4 days after having him (emergency c-section)so we went through quite a few nappies and babygrows (stretchsuits).

Hope your last 10 days at work go quickly. You know, you may find you enjoy being at home once baby is born. It's certainly not that easy to get bored. There's always a bottle to wash or a bum to change lol

10:13 pm  
Blogger Maree said...

Oh, after baby comes, all bets are off. I'm sure I'll look back on boredom with nostalgia!

10:39 pm  
Blogger Maree said...

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10:39 pm  

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