Thursday, January 24, 2008

I have the stupids

I just hope they're not catching. Yesterday was all right. But on Tuesday, I managed to burn myself twice and pull the oven door off. Those things are *heavy!* Then, at work, I kept trying to give my pages to check to the wrong person. It's a good thing I don't work operating heavy machinery. I'd be dangerous.
Day off yesterday, and I escaped for a bit, and had lunch and went to a movie with a friend.
Side note: could there BE any more ands in that sentence?
Anyway. We saw Death at a Funeral, which is very very very very funny. Laugh out loud funny.
The rest of the day I mooched and babywrangled; watched some Stargate Season Five, read and ... drumroll please ... stitched!!! I actually got some of my January start done! It's a rare occurence lately.
Patrick is still rolling everywhere; he's not really showing any signs of crawling yet, but I'm not worried. He's happy the way he is, and so am I. :)
That's it :)


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