Sunday, January 18, 2009


It's summer here, apparently. Not that you'd know this weekend. Yesterday we had such a bad thunderstorm it knocked the TV satellite service for six _ which I was not happy about.
UKTV here is repeating Dr Who, which makes for very pleasant Saturday afternoon watching. Only, that was when the thunderstorm hit. And it had been the episode I hadn't seen _ the one where Queen Victoria institutes Torchwood. Came back just in time for the last few minutes. Le Sigh.
Patrick took a few steps on his own yesterday _ about three or four, but totally unsupported. Apart from that, he had a grumpy day with lots of grumbling. For no obvious reason, that I could see, anyway.
We watched The Dark Knight last night. I've already seen it but Jeremy hadn't. Twas just as good second time around :) I put in a little work on Circe, although I'd made a couple of mistakes, which can be frustrating _ unpicking when you want to be stitching. I'm determined to stick to working on it for three months _ if I can find some decent stitching time, I'll be able to make a pretty big dent in it, I think.

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

How's that for appropro? Patrick's very first day (well, night - he was born by emergency cesaerian at 10.36pm but lets not quibble) out in the world. He wasn't born in January, but it's still rich with symbolism, and all that jazz.
I had an epiphany yesterday. I set the same goals/resolutions every year _ because I never follow through! It's always read more, lose weight, save money ... it's no coincidence that I'm still wearing fat-bastard clothes and periodically have to borrow money from my mother (a pensioner! what kind of a daughter am I? I mean, I paid her back, but that's not the point!). I think I may have read more, although I didn't really keep track until I started this blog on December 26 2007. Hey, I missed its birthday. I'm sorry, blog! I'll buy you something pretty. :)
The frustrating thing is that I DO want to lose weight, and save money. I'd love to not look like a wobbly pudding and not shuffle money around like a deck of cards. I'm just. I'm. I got nothing.
I think I'm good with the reading thing, but I'd like to start writing every day as well. Not blogging, although I'd like to be less sporadic here, too, but writing. Creating something that wasn't in the world before.
Oh, you want a list? Okaaaaaaaaaaaay ....
Lose weight. I need to lose a lot but let's start small. 5kg by the end of February do? Hey, gotta start somewhere, right?
Walk every weekday. To work, on my day shift days and then around the streets here every other day.
Put credit card away. Pay down other credit card. Pay off and cut up store card. That's not even the worst of it. But it's three things I know I CAN do.
Read every day. I'm aiming for two books a week and 100 for the year. After making 70 this year ... you never know, right? :)
Get my scrapbook updated. I have a scrapbook, where I keep my TV columns and movie reviews. Old-fashioned and Luddite-ish it may be, but I'm determined to update it. I think I'm up to 2007, so I have some work to do.
Finish a cross stitch project that isn't for someone else. And not start any new ones.
Hmm ... it doesn't sound like an ambitious list, but it doesn't need to be, I guess.
Have a good one everybody :)