Sunday, September 28, 2008

And the beat goes on and on

So Friday was the finishing day for all of the casuals and the five fulltimers who lost their jobs in the new Grand Plan. It was my day off but I went in for the farewells anyway. There are a couple of people I'm genuinely going to miss and I wanted to say goodbye properly, in person.

Then, as befits any self-respecting news organisation, many people went to the pub next door for a few quiet ones. I did go, because the editor ran a tab for a bit and it takes a stronger woman than I to turn down a free Coke. I don't drink, and when I tell people that, they honestly look at me as if they expect me to grow an extra head.

I've had all weekend off too, which has been wonderful. Ran around like a loon on Friday paying bills and such, and so yesterday and today have been lovely and lazy. Took Patrick outside again, and he's still scared of grass, but will put his foot on it for a second if he's not thinking. So that's going well ... what else?

It was the final of the latest series of Dr Who here tonight, and I'm still upset about the way it ended. :(

That's all I have, folks. :)


Thursday, September 25, 2008


I'm trying to think of a post that's not full of complaining. And sadly, it's not easy right now. But I will do my best!
My mother came around this morning to see Patrick, and to scam us for a cup of coffee like she does every Thursday. My mother, the con artist. I'm sure she'd deny it but I believe Patrick is her favourite grandchild. It's good to see her, but I'm always tired afterwards, because my mother talks a lot, and she's also getting a little bit hard of hearing (not bad for 75, though) so I end up feeling as though I've just run a verbal race.
I won't talk about work, the source of most of my unhappy complaining this week. Well just to say it's been ugh. Next week should be better. I'm doing 2 weeks of 11-7 shifts, and it'll be nice to have Sundays off.
Actually, I have a three-day weekend this weekend because I have tomorrow (Friday) and Sunday off. Woot!
We're going to an awesome secondhand bookshop, the library and a bakery. A morning of happy (hopefully) family travels, then possibly (hopefully) an afternoon of some reading, while Patrick crashes from his Big Morning Out. Heh ... a cunning plan for sure.
Okay. That was easier than I thought. :)


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh, no! Grass!

Have I mentioned that Patrick is scared of grass? It was a beautiful spring day here today, so I took him outside after lunch for a bit, and watching him try to keep his hands _ and his feet (very tricky) _ off the grass was worth the price of admission.

I suppose I should be more sympathetic, but ... it's grass and he'll have to get used to it sooner or later. On the other hand, maybe I should make the most of it _ enjoy the fear before he starts digging away in it looking for disgusting things _ or eating it, even.

Apart from the grass issue, he's highly entertaining at the moment. I'm making the most of how much fun he is, because the 2s are just around the corner, well, May next year, but time is going so fast at the moment it'll be here before I know it!

Hard to imagine. :)

I'm managing to get some stitching done most days when Patrick's in his cot, having a mid-morning break. It's the only time I can do it _ after work is too late, and doing it while Patrick is up and about, is just asking for trouble. If it's mine, then it's his. Doesn't matter what it is. If I have it, he has to have it, or we have meltdown.

What else. Work is still ... work for now. The people who are going will be leaving in a couple of weeks, then we're upgrading to a new system.

Family good. Life good. Work ... okay.


Sunday, September 07, 2008

Life goes on

You know, Patrick is pulling himself up on furniture and standing now. He's started cruising the furniture a little bit too, and I have no idea when he started.
I remember going into get him one morning and he stood up in his cot for the first time, but I don't remember the day, or the date. I was excited and shared with all and sundry (do you know how many times you can hear the phrase 'it's all over now' before you get sick of it? not that many) and now it's a daily thing. He hauls himself up, steadies his feet, and he's ... away. Well. Nearly.
I knew that Patrick's babyhood would go fast. But THIS fast??? I keep thinking about the tiny little baby we brought home last May, and looking at this ... toddler!!! grinning at me as he steadies himself on the coffee table, or the couch, or me, for that matter.
He's unbelievably and adorably cute (yes, I'm biased, what mother isn't) and this stage is a lot of fun, as his world gets bigger and bigger.
But, oh, for those baby-days!!!
He can also say "Daddy", "Buh!" and "Up" - after a fashion. Slowly but surely the babble is resolving itself into words. I can't wait to see where his journey takes him, but oh, how I miss my baby!