Thursday, March 29, 2007

Three weeks today ... woo hoo!

I finish work until July on April 19. I'm soooooooooooo tired at the moment, and soooooooooooooo looking forward to it! I'm going to sit on the couch a lot and try not to throw things at J. He doesn't deserve to have things thrown at him, so I'll do my best to resist.
No guarantees, though. Day off yesterday, and I got breakfast in bed, which was nice but I'm not sure if I"ll do it again; our bed doesn't have a solid headboard so could have been more comfortable. It was a beautiful day, though and I actually got some stitching done. I have (reluctantly) abandoned my rotation so I can get this wedding present for my friend finished. Two pages down, two to go; so we'll see what happens after that. And after baby's here, etc ...
I have two days off next week because of Easter. Wednesday, which is my regular rostered day and Thursday, because we don't publish on Good Friday. Two days. In. A. Row.
I asked to be taken off what I'm doing at work for the next three weeks; I just feel like it requires a level of concentration I don't really have at the moment. Deputy: Why? That's easy.
Me: (not saying it out loud) Yeah, for you! For me right now it's the equivalent of developing a coherent space-time theory! I asked Deputy about it because Chief is next to useless with stuff like that. So, hopefully next week I'll be doing something less stressful for the next few weeks. We'll see.
I dreamed about Leo last night. I keep dreaming about us finding him in strange places. Last night it was in a cardboard box at like a school, or a polytech. He was in with a bunch of other cats. And, for some reason, he had a colostomy bag. Gotta love the pregnancy dreams. The midwife came on Tuesday and my blood pressure is still good (yay). Baby is measuring about 34.5cm and she quite cheerfully told me I was measuring basically full term. What? What? What? But I'm 5'1. Which means there's only one way for baby to go: Out. I keep compulsively making lists in my head of what we still need to get. Maybe I should actually write it down .... hmmmmm ....

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Friday, March 23, 2007

There is no bird

Okay, today's weirdness. Bird feathers in the kitchen, that seem to expand exponentially every time I go in there. Weird thing: there is no bird to be seen.
Presumably it's been eaten, or buried, but the evidence persists. I just don't want to stand on it.
It's another beautiful, sunny day here ... grrr. Although on the bright side, the nights are quite cold, so yay for that, at least.
J is out in his manc-ave, or outside, doing obscure boy-things. I have no idea. Well, I have some idea. But you know, I don't want to interrupt. He needs his bonding time with his man-cave. Or something.
Meanwhile, I sit on my ever-expanding bottom, not putting lunch on and not going and having a shower and get dressed. Go me!
Only four more weeks of work. My gosh, I'd give up now if I could, I really would. I don't care that I'd get bored and fed up. But *deep breath* only four weeks to go.
Baby's due about two weeks after that ... gah!
I started making a list yesterday of all the stuff we still don't have ... double-gah!
Still no sign of Leo :(

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Sunday, March 18, 2007


Sort of, anyway. I was kind of over the pink; so switched the template. I'm liking it. I don't have a lot to say today .... One month and one day (woo hoo) until I go off work; can you tell I'm looking forward to it? I'd stop work now if I could, but that's not the way my cookie has crumbled. Just. Four. More. Weeks. I can do it.
I'm back on track with things a little better; getting back into my rotation, which is easier now that the weather has shifted to cold and crappy (hooray!) and I'm managing _ just! _ to stick to my week-about plan. I'm also slowly but surely working my way through some review books for work; I'm hoping to make off with a bunch when I go on leave. So the more I get done now, the more chance I have. Heh.
Cats are okay; still no Leo. :(
That's all I have.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's been a week now

And still no sign of my Leo. He's very much my boy and I miss him a lot. Funny thing is, we both had dreams about him last night. I don't know whether that's a good sign or a bad sign.

The weather has really turned nasty now; with wind and rain and cold and all. I prefer it to the heat but I hate to think of my Leo out in this. :(

I fell over last night; coming from the car to the house after work. Rain+sandals+clumsy pregnant woman = ouch! I'm fine, but I landed really heavily on my hands and my right knee, trying not to land on my stomach. Baby's fine; he's been moving around most of the morning _ seems he missed the part of the book where it says they start to move LESS in the last trimester because there's less room. Yuh huh. I'm trying to think (ha!) but I do believe that's all I got for now.

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

I *heart* my iPod

I really do. I would have completely lost it at work this week if I hadn't been able to 'pod out. Ahhhhh ................
In sadder news ... my Leo _ my ginger and white fluffmonster is missing and has been since Thursday. :( We have no idea where he's gone or what's happened to him. He's very much my boy so I'm feeling it quite badly, along with the hormone party my body's having .... *sigh*
Speaking of, and I know mothers out there are going to laugh at me hysterically, who knew that babies MOVE so much????? I mean A LOT. And I know it's a good thing but oy! Some of the sensations are ... weird. The booting and squirming I'm used to. But the sensation like he's tickling my pelvis? That's ... interesting. But. Moving Is Good.
What else. Not much. Not much of a week overall.

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Bump bump bump

This is me on Saturday at 30 weeks and five days. We'd gone to my sister's for a combined family birthday and I was standing on her front doorstep, talking to my mother and sister and watching my 5 year old niece B make 'volcanos'. My BIL S took the pictures; I had no idea. But I wanted some 'bump' pictures and I think I prefer ones like this than me staring self-consciously at the camera thinking about how fat I feel and how grey my hair is. :) Of course, he also snuck pictures of J and my other sister crashed out sleeping in their living room after lunch!
I've decided on my March goals; actually I only have one: stay in one piece!

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Thursday, March 01, 2007


I hate when this happens. I was merrily stitching away on a small Pisces design for J's birthday, which is tomorrow, when I realised I'd made a colossal mistake. I'd stitched the top fin of one fish, then the bottom fin of the other fish. I was stitching away on the top fish, when I realised that I'd run out of fish before I got to the bottom fin _ I was three rows out! Grrrrr.... it was too much to unpick and start over, and it's just a small design, so wasn't really worth it.
Now, of course, I'm stuck for a birthday present idea!
The midwife came on Tuesday, and my glucose levels are normal. Yay, no fasting blood test! Iron levels low, though so I have lovely iron tablets to take ... woo hoo. I'm measuring well, and the baby co-operated by 'bumping' the midwife's hand when she was checking for him.
His occipital is anterior, which is good, apparently. What we don't want is posterior. Go baby! My blood pressure is the same as last time, and I haven't had much swelling at all. I'm so very lucky, I keep expecting the other shoe to drop!
Marx had his shunt out ... last week? week before? and looks like himself again (aw).
Now we have to take Leo in to get groomed; we can't do it, his knots seem to be growing along his body rather than out from, and I don't want to hurt him. The safest recourse is to take him to the vets so they can knock him out. And now our mad cat, Scouty, has a bung eye. Hand on my heart, we cannot take her to the vet! The last time she was there, when we had her anxiety diagnosed, she freaked out really badly and I'm just not willing to risk it for the sake of an eye. An emergency is different of course, all bets are off, but I'm hoping we can treat this one ourselves. Any ideas?
What else. Ooh, I need to review February goals and do some for March, but I start work early today, so I'll do that tomorrow.
If I remember!

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