Sunday, January 28, 2007

How's the weather?

Why, thanks for asking! It's .... weird. Yesterday was all hot and sunny and gorgeous and today is all windy and raining. Where is this 'summer' of which you speak so highly? Not that I'm complaining, really. It'd be nice to get more than one fine day, but I'm almost never cold at the moment, so quite frankly, I'd rather be comfortable!
We went shopping yesterday, and bought a paddling pool (for me, at the moment, when summer does hit), a $12 mini red bookcase for the baby's room and I got a couple of skirts _ the next size up from what I'm wearing now, so I won't be too caught out.
I hope.
What else has been happening. You know, not a lot. Work ... home ... baby. Oh, I found about the job. I didn't get it but in all honesty, I'm kind of relieved. I was wavering on whether I wanted it anyway; the guy who is getting it will be really really really good, and so I'm a little bit disappointed, because I know I can do the job, but mostly relieved because of what I would have to be dealing with. If that makes sense!
Now, given that I'm blogging once a week if I'm lucky, I'll re-post my January goals today and see how I went:
-Write 1000 words a day; see if I can get my mojo back - uh .... no
-Finish the page I'm on and the next one of the Iris pattern for my friend S's wedding - no, but that's because I decided to start rotatering again
-Get as much possible done of window on cat pattern for the baby's room - see above
-Start DD's Here Be Dragons as your 2007 January start - yes
-Make a list of everyone's birthday - yes, although I got the date of my nephew W's wrong
-Finish Pandora's Star and Lord of the Rings - Finshed PS but not LOTR
-Read one or two review books - yes; write the reviews every Wednesday or Thursday - still to write reviews
-Find out about ante-natal classes - yes but I haven't actually booked in yet
-No Starbucks! - once, or twice? Not too bad
-No buying tea at work - Have been buying tea on Fridays, which I think I'll keep doing. Makes a change, gets me out of the office.
-Get credit card under its limit - uhm ... no
-Do one thing off 101 in 1001 days list - no
Hmmmmmmm ... if I got a report card on this it would say Must Do Better.
Okay. On to February.
-Stick to weekly rotation.
-Read/review two more review books for work
-BOOK ante-natal classes
-Get credit card under its limit
-Pay off gigantor power bill
-Write every day
-Do one thing off 101 in 1001 days list
That should keep me from a life of crime. For the next month anyway.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Move it move it

I have a new obsession. Counting to 10 _ the minimum number of times the baby is supposed to move in a day. As soon as I've counted to 10, I can go about my business quite happily. Of course, the baby doesn't know I'm counting, and waiting, so some days take longer than others, making for a very anxious mother. Good grief.
We're getting pretty well-stocked now, and have most 'big-ticket' things. I bought a baby monitor yesterday so of the big stuff all that's left is a cot mattress, maybe a bassinett and a high chair, later on. Otherwise we just need clothes, nappies, stuff like that. There are times when flirting with OCD can be a good thing.
Argh. If I'm not careful, this will turn into a baby only blog. And while I'm finding the whole process fascinating and scary and worrying, never having gone through it before, I'm not sure what the rest of the world thinks.
So. Work is fine. Short-staffed this week (hooray) and still nothing on the promotion. I've put my leave forms in and now it's just a matter of waiting.
Cats all seem to be fine, apart from JD who has developed some impressive mats on his back. I managed to cut out a couple the other night, but he's been a bit absent lately and getting the bigger ones is a two-man job _ he's not the friendliest of cats at all.
I seem to be doing okay on my January goals, except I decided to start rotatering again.
It's one of my goals now for '07 _ stick to the same rotation plan for the whole year and see how successful I am. I have great focus when I bend my mind to it but I'm also very easily distracted by shiny things.
It's raining (wherefore art thou, summer?) and is the perfect day for either lazing on the couch reading, or lazing on the couch stitching.
Ah ... to still have the luxury of choice!

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Sleep .... sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

Where has my sleep gone? Not that I was the world's greatest sleeper, but this whole bug-eyed awake thing for half the night is getting old! Thank goodness I don't start work until four in the afternoon. Ugh.
Finally braved the forms and took them into work. Now I just have to get J to do his and I can send them to the tax department. Woo hoo.
I'm also pouting because I don't have a lovely bump. Other pregnant women at work have lovely bumps. I sort of roll off in layers and pretty much look ... well, fat. Sigh.
The things that can wind you up. Honestly.
Summer has finally hit, and it's nice to see the sun and all.
I'd like to say I'm doing well with my January goals but ... um ... I'm not. Not so far anyway.
Never give up! Never surrender!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's a year tomorrow ...

... since my Dad died suddenly, at the age of 83. No, he wasn't young, but he was in good health. He and Mum still lived in their own house, he still gardened, visited 'the elderly' at a couple of rest homes, put his $1 bets on the horses and generally enjoyed his life. He had a massive heart attack in bed at home. Which, if he could have chosen, would have been the way he wanted to go _ he would have hated being sick, or fading away.
For selfish reasons, I wish that heart attack could have been put off _ just for a few more years. But it wasn't meant to be.
So that was how my year started, and naturally, it coloured the days, weeks and months that followed.
I was the youngest of five; very much a Daddy's girl, being a (relatively) late in life child for both parents.
I still miss my Dad every day; especially now that we're preparing for a baby of our own, who will never know his grandad.
My sister had her baby Jacob in February, making '06 hard for her in a different way.
I changed shifts at work in July, going from days back to nights, which was an ... interesting transition. It's been good overall, I think. I'm not a morning person by nature and I really did struggle with it - especially going back to work after Dad died.
Anyway. Moving right along.
Piper came to live with us in June; she was a sort-of rescue and I've blogged about that before.
I don't think I finished anything last year - maybe one chart. I'm hoping to do better this year. I'm also hoping to be more focused this year!
The midwife came yesterday and I not only heard the heartbeat (I always feel better when I can hear the heartbeat) but I 'heard' him move! B, the midwife, said "that sounds like little feet"; when she heard this kind of squishy sound through the monitor. I've been feeling him move for a while, but 'hearing' it? Very very cool!
I still need to decide what I'm going to do about my leave. And soon. Sigh.
And you know, I'm STILL waiting to hear about that job!

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year ...

... I guess. I just accidentally deleted my post. Didn't really say much anyway. Having a hormonal/weepy day. I hate those.