Monday, January 28, 2008

It must be time for some photos

I was trying to get a pic of all three of Patrick's teeth _ he has a top one as well and it looks very funny, but I couldn't get the angle right. Still ... who can resist that smile??


Patrick with my mother :)

Ah ....... the life!

When you get to be Marx's age, a little comfort is always welcome (he's 11).

Our mad cat, Scout. Her being on the couch like that is a momentous, almost unheard of occasion. So I took a photo.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

I have the stupids

I just hope they're not catching. Yesterday was all right. But on Tuesday, I managed to burn myself twice and pull the oven door off. Those things are *heavy!* Then, at work, I kept trying to give my pages to check to the wrong person. It's a good thing I don't work operating heavy machinery. I'd be dangerous.
Day off yesterday, and I escaped for a bit, and had lunch and went to a movie with a friend.
Side note: could there BE any more ands in that sentence?
Anyway. We saw Death at a Funeral, which is very very very very funny. Laugh out loud funny.
The rest of the day I mooched and babywrangled; watched some Stargate Season Five, read and ... drumroll please ... stitched!!! I actually got some of my January start done! It's a rare occurence lately.
Patrick is still rolling everywhere; he's not really showing any signs of crawling yet, but I'm not worried. He's happy the way he is, and so am I. :)
That's it :)

Monday, January 21, 2008


Stole this shamelessly from Suz's blog. Be patient with me; I"m not very good with the posting of pictures on here!

Answer the questions and type your answer into Google images search. Post a photo from the FIRST results page. (this can be tough!!)

Age you will be on your next birthday?

Place you would like to visit?

One of your favourite places

Your favourite object?

Your favourite food?

Your favourite animal?

Your favourite colour?

Name of a past pet?

Where you live?

Primer 1 teacher's last name?
My first teacher was a nun. I don't know what her last name was! So this is representative; she was a Dominican nun :)

Middle Name?

A bad habit of yours?

Favourite flower

Favourite holiday?

Monday, January 14, 2008

And I say again: sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppp

It was soooooooo hot here last night! I went to bed about 2am as usual. Woke up at 3.45am ... then didn't get back to sleep until 6. Then Patrick woke up about 7, crying for no apparent reason. I'm tired and hungry this morning! I"m going to change and feed Patrick in a bit, then feed myself, then crawl back into bed for as long as I can get away with.
It's been a fairly typical week in the household. My mother came around on Friday to see Patrick, who is doing really well. He's started making "M" and "B" sounds a lot more, which is very cute. He's also rolling everywhere, when he's not in his baby prison, which he's not particularly fond of.
We finally saw the third Pirates movie on Saturday night _ it came out about the same time I had Patrick, so we missed it at the movies. Pretty funny, and it wouldn't surprise me if there was a fourth movie.
I'm writing, on and off, in fits and starts. Stitching, much the same!
More (maybe) next time.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sleep, perchance ...

... ah, sleep! Patrick was waking up really early, and then crying and fussing until I hauled butt to go get him. Then Jeremy hung an old bedspread behind his curtains to block some of the morning sun (Patrick's room faces east) and we have very different mornings around here! Patrick sleeps a bit longer, and even when he does wake up, he doesn't cry anymore. He just sort of hangs out in his cot until I get up. It's made such a big difference, I can't believe it.

I've been picking away at my January 08 project, although I haven't really had a lot of time lately. I'm reluctant to stitch after work because the bit I'm working on has a lot of colour changes, and that takes a bit of concentration. My plan is to work on this for all of January, spend February working on (small) gifts; then in March do another letter of Patrick's dinosaur alphabet before returning to Circe and the January 08 start. It's a plan. I haven't got any further than March yet.

I went to the movies on Tuesday (day off) and saw I Am Legend. I thought it was pretty good; not fantastically great, but pretty good. Will Smith was as likable as always, but oh my gosh, that gorgeous dog nearly stole the whole movie from him! I really want to see American Gangster next, but I promised myself (and Jeremy) that I'd only go to the movies every second week, and not every week. Or I'll go for a bit of shameless begging. We'll see.

We bought a portacot this week, to use as a playpen. Patrick's not crawling yet, but he rolls everywhere. And sooner or later, he fetches up against things. Like the coffee table, or the TV cabinet. So we've not so much baby-proofed the living room, as we've living room-proofed the baby. And he quite likes it.

That's all I have for now.

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Friday, January 04, 2008

I hate it when that happens!

I rang my money this morning (pay day) and there's considerably less than I was expecting, which means something hasn't gone through, and it's too early to ring work to find out.
It means there'll be more next time but between now and then I'll have banks and suchlike to contend with. So, hopefully, if I stick to my policy of being polite to them, we'll be okay for another fortnight (grrrr).
Not a lot else happening. It's cold here at the moment, though! It's starting out to be a very funny summer; we had really hot days earlier this week, now I've got the heater on!
Patrick is still cutting an eye tooth (ouch!) which isn't really much fun for any of us, but he seems to have had only one bad day on Monday with it.
Work's been okay, kind of busy with people off on holiday, but it seems to be settling back down now.
I have about 10 days off next month, and boy, am I looking forward to them!

I've started writing again _ Jeremy fixed up an old laptop for me, so I'm portable (yay!) and it seems to be working (fingers crossed).
That's really all I have for now.
Photos next time.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 Goals

They're mostly knocking around my head, so I'm going to put them here, so that other things can take up residence.
1. Lose weight. I have a lot to lose. Heck, Patrick's seven and a half months old and I'm still wearing maternity clothes! Not a good look. At the moment I'm not going to do a diet plan or anything like that. In fact I'm going to start pretty small _ walking to work as many days as possible (which is a good 30-40 minute walk) and cutting down on the sweet stuff.
2. Pay off stupidly gigantic power bill. Don't ask.
3. Spend less
4. Write every day
5. Buy tea less often
6. Catch up with review books
7. Keep up with Classic books project
8. Finish more than two cross stitch projects
9. Stop striving to seek balance. I know that sounds odd, but honestly that stresses me out more than anything. So I'm going to try and do what I need/want to do at the time and listen to my body when it says I need rest.
10. Spend less time on the internet.
That'll do, I think!